StoneJail Dice Jail

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Keep your dice safe with this unique StoneJail Dice Jail. With a secure locking mechanism and a variety of colors, this jail is sure to keep your dice safe and sound.

🛠️Production: This model is printed PLA+ filament on our FDM printers. We print every model with layerheights of 0.2mm or less for best detail, strength and less layerlines.

⚠️Attention: Some of our models are very large and are printed hollow. Our FDM products are printed in PLA these products are sensistive to heat and can not be put in a dishwasher, oven, hot car etc.

🧽 Some of our models need some cleanup, glueing of parts etc. this is part of the process and hobby.

🧩 Some of our models come in parts and need glueing. If you arent sure what part goes where please let us know and we will try to assist you in the correct placement ! 🔵 If our product images contain a base it will be delivered with the model, if no base is shown a base can be ordered seperately.

📏Size: Most of our product images have a ruler on it. The ruler is in cm (NOT inches). The models are printed to the scale shown in the pictures, if you would like to change the scale please contact us ! most of our products can be scaled up or down.

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