Cthulh Miniature

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Scale: 28mm
In Game Size: Large

Perfect for any tabletop game, this Cthulh Miniature model is sure to bring your game to life. With intricate detailing and a realistic pose, this miniature is sure to be a hit.

🛠️Production: Every model is printed to order. The standard layerheight we print at is 0,03 mm on our 8K resolution printers. This gives an excellent level of detail. If you want to change the size or layerheight please let us know! We print in ABS-like Resin for more durable prints, the color of this resin can vary based on availability. If color of the prints is important to you please send us a message and we can see if we can help you.

⚠️Attention: Some of our models are very large and are printed hollow. We take great care and pride in our products and will 100% make sure the insides of our models are cured fully. Selling uncured models is dangerous and we have systems in place to prevent this from happening.

🧽 Some of our models need some cleanup, glueing of parts etc. this is part of the process and hobby.

🧩 Some of our models come in parts and need glueing. If you arent sure what part goes where please let us know and we will try to assist you in the correct placement ! 🔵 If our product images contain a base it will be delivered with the model, if no base is shown a base can be ordered seperately.

📏Size: Most of our product images have a ruler on it. The ruler is in cm (NOT inches). The models are printed to the scale shown in the pictures, if you would like to change the scale please contact us ! most of our products can be scaled up or down.

📦 Our standard shipping carrier is DHL, if you prefer a different carrier checkout the options on checkout. ATTENTION: service point selection is AFTER payment not before this is a limitation of shopify. Due to the nature of 3d printing please allow a shipping time of 7 days

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